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19-Jun-2018 05:54

But then, little by little, the seductive power of her voice will draw you down and down into a fantastic state of total relaxation.

When you think that you have reached the deepest level, she confounds all your expectations by taking you even deeper.

She knows that if you are to be fully receptive and open to the sheer bliss which is to come, you must push away all cares, worries and anxieties. Your mind must concentrate on nothing beyond her voice.

In fact, even if you try to resist, you will find it well nigh impossible to do so.

What could be better than to listen to my erotic hypnosis MP3 voice while holding my stockings or panties?

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The realm of Madam Raison Detre and my erotic hypnosis MP3 collection: and what a realm it is!

These too may be purchased, and you may find yourself watching my lips become ever redder over and over again, closely. I also offer photographs of high quality, taken by one of the world’s leading photographers, of the many erotic, exotic, commanding, seductive and playful personalities of a truly irresistible and supremely sexy erotic hypnosis MP3 mistress.