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On the third point, Hutton argued that although the Ministry of Defence (MOD) could have done more to protect Dr Kelly from the consequences of his interview with Gilligan, he exonerated the government from any causal role in his suicide, and accepted the government's explanation that the process by which Dr Kelly's name became publicly known was justified by circumstances.Once Dr Kelly had told his employers that he was likely to be the source in question, and given that the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee were investigating the circumstances in question, it was necessary for the MOD to say enough to avoid the charge of covering up activities by a government employee.

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Other titles, whilst maintaining a more objective tone, quoted the words of the outgoing chairman of the BBC Governors, Gavyn Davies, expressing incredulity at the lack of balance in Lord Hutton's judgments of the BBC and the government. Other newspapers concentrated on the fact that Lord Hutton's terms of reference prevented him (in his analysis) from asking certain questions that journalists judged pertinent, and most notably the question of the absent weapons of mass destruction.

The concentrated more of their coverage on the blameworthiness of the BBC, a line fitting with News International's long-term agenda of attacking the Corporation (see above, pp. Secondly, many titles included overt attacks upon the Hutton Report, blaming it for partiality and naiveté. The Hutton Report focused on the honesty of the use of intelligence by the government, not on the reliability of the intelligence, and this was a theme frequently picked up in the coverage of the Report ( p. One theme is clearly shared across the national press: the Conservative Party's attack on Tony Blair was a failure.

The Conservative Party leader, Michael Howard, concentrated his attention on whether the Prime Minister had lied about his role in the process by which Dr Kelly's name became public.

Following his appointment as acting director general of the BBC, Mark Byford announced that there would be an internal inquiry at the Corporation into what went wrong over the Andrew Gilligan affair.

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It would examine how the BBC could avoid making similar mistakes in the future and how the Corporation could work to rebuild trust.In the latter case, the main divergence between the Report and expectations of it was that the government was found to be blameless, and the BBC found to be strongly at fault, whereas expectation was that blame would be more evenly apportioned.

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