Romi and whitney dating

23-May-2018 22:22

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I knew I was going to be forced into sharing space with them at Dinah since Whitney, Sara and I were hosting together.From the minute Kelsey and I showed up to the host the Dating Game, the girls were already drinking and ready to play dirty.Kelsey, Rose and I came to just have fun and steer clear of any of the drama we knew the girls would bring.Kelsey and I had just got back together and really wanted to enjoy the weekend.It’s been six years since Showtime premiered “The Real L Word,” introducing viewers to a group of “real” lesbians living and loving in Los Angeles.

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I really want girls to know it is OK to be different.

Just because they are not on or always out in the scene does not mean they are not in my life. They know that my relationship with Kelsey has always been on-and-off. Maybe a bit fickle with love -- but not a bad person.

I didn't need a handful of girls around me to validate my place at Dinah Shore. I loved them both very much and really thought our relationship was better than this. We are all so different and we have different journeys to take to find happiness.

I realized my friendships with a lot of my friends were based on superficial reasons and they were actually not adding anything good to my life.

If I was not drinking or I was not dating who they wanted me too, I was looked at in a negative way.By the end of the show’s final third season run, viewers watched an all-white clad Whitney marry Sada (formerly Sara) Bettencourt, a go-go dancer and hair stylist to whom Whitney fully committed after abandoning her carefully cultivated Casanova lifestyle.

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