Laws against dating a minor in canada

28-Apr-2018 23:04

The use of force to correct a child is only allowed to help the child learn and can never be used in anger.

Using reasonable force to restrain a child may be acceptable in some circumstances.

Section 43 says that the force used on a two to twelve-year-old child must be "reasonable under the circumstances".

The Supreme Court of Canada also said that the force used must not be degrading, inhumane, or harmful.However, not every action involving contact or the threat of contact between two people is assault. This is because they have given their consent to physical contact within the rules of the sport.The contains a section that provides another exception to the law on assault.Over the last century, society has changed and the law has changed too.

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Employers are not allowed to hit their employees-ever.School boards have banned teachers from hitting students or using a strap, ruler, or other object to discipline students.