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Supply chain management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress inventory and finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption.We work with our clients to create flexible and adaptable supply chain solutions that can respond quickly to the changing demands of the marketplace.The Super Group employee is loyal, committed and enthusiastic, focusing on developing client relationships, and is supported by a corporate culture that is performance driven but grounded in a strong foundation of ethical and moral values.We will continue to invest in developing our people to ensure they have the appropriate skills to perform their job to the best of their abilities whilst adding value to our clients’ operations.The problem is that because I’m copied on the email chain, I falsely assume that I to read all the messages and therefore I cannot just ignore them.In my previous job, this caused such a major productivity issue that the company literally removed the “Reply All” button and hid it so that employees think twice about using the feature.The division provides flexible vehicle leasing and rental solutions, focusing on the containment of costs and operating risks associated with fleet ownership. Employee I undertake in favour of Super Group Limited and / or its subsidiaries and / or associated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "group"), that: Most divisions and business units have their own dedicated HR representative which reports operationally to the respective divisional or business unit head and functionally to the Group HR Executive.

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The division has a strong operational footprint across the entire supply chain and focuses on providing clients with true end-to-end solutions.

In essence, Super Group integrates supply and demand management within and across companies.

Super Group is a global logistics group with its head office in Johannesburg, South Africa and operations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

If you’re the person replying back, there is only one simple, obvious rule that you need to follow: Don’t use “reply all” if only the original sender needs to read your message.

Of course, there are many situations where it makes sense to respond back to everyone on the list, such as for brainstorming ideas or for updating working documents.One pet peeve that I share with a lot of people I know is the use of “Reply All” in email – especially when every recipient on the mailing list doesn’t need to be included in the response.

As intelligent assistants become more prevalent and as they improve their ability to mimic human conversation, what will our expectations be for their behavior?… continue reading »

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