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Fully legal and fighting against the will of her parents, Meg runs into the arms of the experienced man-about-town to his secluded loveshack in the middle of the New England woods until Peter and Lois burst in to save the day.Brian When Meg is left alone for the prom in “Barely Legal”, Brian is guilted into taking her to the big dance after she cries hysterically in front of him. Not that I care, I mean, it won't matter once I explain to him what's going on with us. Joseph (Peter): Y'know, this is the same picnic basket we drowned my sister in. " and then they were like "Don't drown all the girls! Couldn't you tell something was up when Chris and the fat man could follow the plot?

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Neither Wikiquote nor its parent company, The Wikimedia Foundation, have any affiliation with 20th Century FOX, or its parent company, News Corp, in any way, shape or form.

The show was cancelled in 2002, but after extremely positive response to DVDs and reruns on Adult Swim, production of new episodes for FOX resumed in 2005. Joe: You got some nerve driving around my town with a busted headlight. So I don't care how old you are, you're gonna do what I say and get in the damn car! [zooms out to reveal Peter lying dead with his throat slit as blood pools around him]Lois: [telling Peter why he can't run out and take pictures for his book of "lesbian butts in '80s jeans"] Peter, you're not doing that.

Family Guy and all related characters, episodes and quotes are a copyright of 20th Century FOX. Meg: My point is with all that irresponsible, reckless, idiotic behavior in your past, that somehow, heh, somehow you have the nerve, the arrogance to consistently and ruthlessly point out my shortcomings. And a busted windshield, and an untreated flesh wound. His little finger wiggles] Hey...hey, where's that pinkie goin', huh? Lois: Peter who hasn't answered because something has gone terribly wrong. I got a ton of errands to run, and I need your help around here. If I can't do the book, I'm gonna hurt something you love.

Family Guy and all related characters, episodes and quotes are a copyright of 20th Century FOX.

The users, editors, administrators, nor founders of the Wikimedia Foundation DO NOT claim ownership nor authorship of the contents on this page. [puts some salad onto his body] Yeah, who's the better man now, Ross?!

Getting completely smashed prior to the event, Brian stands up to Connie on Meg’s behalf, causing Meg to fall head over heels for Brian.

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