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19-May-2018 09:13

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So, you’re probably wondering what all this “shrink talk” has to do with you, right?To combat the insecurity provoked by intuition, one must guard their heart. All it takes to guard your heart is to take W out of the equation and remember the woman you were before he came into your life. You were a worthwhile, responsible, level-headed, decisive, happy person.

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Maxine went on to work as a secretary in the Agricultural Stabilization Conservation Office, and later changed jobs to work in a flower shop.

Recently, a GOW on The Official WOW/GOW Message Board said that her intuition is telling her something bad is about to happen in her relationship.

She can't explain it, but nevertheless, the fear seems very real despite any authenticity.

This doesn’t mean she has to put up a wall around her heart.

Doing this would keep her from experiencing a bad experience, but would also keep her from experiencing the JOYS of the relationship.Instead, guarding her heart means she must revert back to the woman she was before her W…the confident, dependable, strong, decisive woman who lived by her own set of rules, took control of her life, trusted in herself and her abilities, relied on her faith and tapped into the strength that came from solidly archived knowledge of life, knew her boundaries and executed them when needed, made herself a priority, faced her fears head-on then danced in their ashes when she burned through them, and enjoyed her life despite its occasional disappointments.

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